Common Questions

Account opening process

The customer only needs to fill in the real data according to the process of the page through the online account opening page, upload the front and back of the identity card and the front and back of the bank card. After receiving the data, the company will review and register the customer. After the preparation is completed, the password will be sent to the customer’s email address.

Application form

The person must reach the age of 18 .

Account opening time

The company’s online account opening is open 24×7, customers can apply for account opening at any time, and the review department will process new account opening applications from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

How do I contact customer service?

You can contact the customer service QQ or email: [email protected]

Can I open more than one account?

The same identity can only open one investment account with the company.

Customer office hours

Monday to Friday 9 am to 12 pm.

Can the bank account holder for deposit and withdrawal be different from Northern Sea Trading's account holder?

No, in order to protect the customer’s account security, the bank card information must be consistent with the account information.

Are there any fees for opening an account? Are there any minimum funding requirements?

Opening an account with the company is completely free, and the minimum amount of deposited funds is 1,000 US dollars or equivalent currency.

Transaction hour

The company’s platform operates 24×7 without interruption, except that the trading hours of each type of product are different. Please note the opening and closing times of each product. For details, please refer to the transaction details.

How to handle the login password of online transactions to protect the security of account data?
We recommend that customers adopt the following procedures to maintain high security standards:
1. Please change the user password when logging into the webpage for the first time.
2. Regularly change user passwords through the web page.
3. Never disclose your password to anyone.
4. Set a password that is easy to remember but difficult for others to guess. Do not use the date of birth, phone number or ID number as the password.
What if I forgot my password?

Customers can reset related data by clicking the button forgot password.

How is the exchange rate of funds deposited?
If the customer deposits the amount in USD, the company will deposit the amount into the customer’s trading account one by one.
If the customer deposits money in Hong Kong dollars, the company will first convert the money into US dollars according to the company’s reference exchange rate on the day before depositing it in the customer’s trading account.
If the client withdraws USD, the company will settle the USD balance in the account one by one.
If the client withdraws Hong Kong dollars or Renminbi, the company will first convert the US dollar balance in the account into Hong Kong dollars or Renminbi according to the company’s reference exchange rate on the day before settlement.
What is Locking?
Contract in a hedged position (commonly known as “Locking”) is subject to interest calculation on individual contract basis until the opened contract is closed.
Can I change the password at my smart devices and APP?

No, you can change in desktop version only.