Northern Sea Trading and Planning Co., Ltd. Foreign Exchange Capital Guaranteed Deposit Subscription Application
Step 1: Fill in customer data
Zhilimin Capital and Planning Co., Ltd.
I hereby request that Min Capital and Planning Co., Ltd. should open and maintain one or more foreign exchange guaranteed deposit plan accounts (hereinafter referred to as “foreign exchange protection”) in accordance with the terms of the client agreement. The following is my personal data for applying for foreign exchange protection.
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    Step 2: Product subscription details

    Product Name: Limin Capital and Planning Co., Ltd.

    Subscription: USDYuan (minimum subscription unit is 50,000 US dollars, about RMB 350,000 or HKD 390,000, each increment is 10,000 US dollars, that is, 60,000 US dollars, 70,000 US dollars)

    Investment period:

    A.The investor promises to contribute a specified amount and authorizes Limin Capital to manage the investment operation.

    B.After the beginning of the investment period, the fixed return method will be issued to the subscriber's investment account every month. After the end of the agreement period, 50% of the additional return will be issued to the subscriber's investment account in full.

    C.In accordance with the relevant provisions of the laws and regulations, after the friendly negotiation between the two parties on the subscription, in accordance with the principles of honesty, pragmatism, and mutual benefit, the following agreements have been reached for mutual compliance.

    D.Limin Capital is an enterprise legally established in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

    E.The Subscriber guarantees the legality and compliance of the source of the assets. As of the date of this agreement, there are no disputes, lawsuits, arbitrations, administrative procedures or other legal procedures related to the assets related to the agreement, and there is no potential related to the agreement. Asset-related disputes, litigation, arbitrations, administrative procedures or other legal procedures.

    F.Fixed return: 15% annual interest rate

    G.The investor promises to deposit the total capital injection into the account designated by Limin Capital within seven [7] days of the signing of this agreement.

    H.The third trading day formally confirmed by Limin Capital is the first day of the investment period of this agreement.

    I.If the subscriber redeems the investment product early, it must notify Limin Capital Customer Service Department by email or written in advance 14 statutory working days in Hong Kong to process the relevant application. The subscriber will not ultimately receive any return after redemption And the client agrees that Limin Capital will collect the relevant redemption fees, and will charge 2% of the product investment amount as an administrative fee every 3 months in advance (less than 3 months will also be calculated as 3 months). Limin Capital determines from time to time. The redemption amount will be deducted from the administrative costs of the redeemed product. Limin Capital will deposit the balance into the designated personal account of the subscriber within 14 statutory working days in Hong Kong after the date of the capital withdrawal agreement.

    Step 3: Read and sign the contract

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