Project Name: Foreign Exchange Capital Protected Deposit Plan

This plan is based on the international financial market. Northern Sea Trading Capital, the planning and analysis team enter different financial markets to buy and sell through unique trading strategies. The strategic analysis team will analyze and trade based on various international markets into global financial transactions. The market influences the factors and designs the trading strategy. One can get 15% guaranteed annualized income up to 40% additional return rate, annual profit up to 2-8%. The considerable monthly benefit can be withdrawn instantly. The analysis team will make an operational method that is only suitable for you according to the contract of each customer, and design different operation plans for you. Wing On Global Market provides the trading strategy, and Northern Sea Trading Capital executes the transaction. The trading strategy analysis team will buy and sell in a variety of products, among which the US dollar will be the primary reference target. Allocate and diversify investments from various products, and use appropriate hedging techniques from multiple products to balance returns to a minimum annualized interest rate of 15%. And this project is “principal protection and profit protection”, which brings investors diversified investment and portfolio risk effects.