Northern Sea Trading and Planning Co., Ltd. is a capital company of Northern Sea Trading Group. It is a center that gathers global financial experience, develops technology, and consultants. It has registered headquarters in Hong Kong and operates multiple businesses in different regions of Asia. The forefront of China’s wealth management market is its purpose, professional thinking, and international operation, becoming the leader of China’s overseas private wealth management market.

Northern Sea Trading invests in multiple fields, integrates global financial experience, focuses on wealth management and platform development, and cooperates with Wing On Global Group to provide a trading platform for mass commodities, foreign exchange markets and stock market indexes, develop research and analysis departments, and provide Internal wealth management consultant, product design, risk management.

We attach great importance to the service experience provided by our customers and offer a variety of gold investment and value-added services for advanced customers. We assist clients with personal and corporate investment account management services. Also, give a series of proactive asset management solutions and tailor a plan that best meets the client’s goals. According to the client’s investment plan, we provide daily data analysis that closely follows the local market. We have expertise in effective risk control and assessment while monitoring investment activities to assist investors in achieving their financial vision.
Northern Sea Trading brings a superior service experience to senior customers. We adhere to the “innovation, integration, and collaboration” concept to create a brand economy and organization. Through continuous product experience, institutional innovation, and brand value, we build a win-win platform.

About Northern Sea Trading Group

Northern Sea Trading Group started in the 1980s. As the economy took off, our management and team also continuously innovated engineering technology and improved construction processes, management efficiency, sought new collaboration partners, recruited talents, and strengthened the flow of information and communication with third parties. As a result, it has developed into a company of considerable scale today, and today the Group is still actively expanding its business in different areas. The Group’s primary business has three major sections, “Construction, Real Estate Development, Technology”. The projects mainly include building construction projects, infrastructure projects, construction, civil and geotechnical works, building maintenance and decoration works, environmental management, and property management in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas cities.

Based on many years of operating experience, Northern Sea Trading Group hopes to introduce solutions such as renewable energy, green building materials, waste management, and other new products, technologies and services related to environmental protection to the Greater Bay Area. It also hopes to promote green Innovate the concept of development and raise awareness of environmental protection from all walks of life. In the future, we look forward to expanding and building our business in the Greater Bay Area. The “green and environmentally friendly renewable energy” projects that we are focusing on are the top priority.